Basically me and my fiancée want to be able to have a bath together and sleep in the same seems every hotel that has a double bed has a walk in shower as most hotels do which is unfair as even with scoliosis I know a soak in a bath helps with fiancée uses a hoist however were happy to hire one ,just then the hotel needs ramp access,a lift,wide enough doors to fit hoist in and most importantly gaps under the bed and bath and any bath I've seen is just direct to the floor.all it needs is a small gap for the feet/legs if the hoist to slide under as a hoist that can go flat against stuff and then the arm spin on itself is not the safest so she would prefer a solid hoist that slides under.however after a year of looking we have found nothing.why is it so hard to try and be like a normal couple for a day or 2.
Please note it preferably has to be a bath not a hottub or sauna as then it means hoisting from there to a shower for a wash rather than being in a bath to start with.