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Thread: My NEW Doctor wants to meet me!

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    My NEW Doctor wants to meet me!

    I w4as under the same great Doctor for over 25 years. He retired about four months ago. I aven't actually seen my new Doctor yet. I just had a phone call from the surgery to ask if I could see her tomorrow afternoon. I apologised as I can't make it as I'm attending a Trustee's meeting in Manchester.

    I don't know about you but despite being 'chronically disabled' I'm very rarely ill!

    I prefer to use the minor injuries clinic if I have falls etc as I'm not looking for a 'well note' having taken medical early retirement over 5 years ago.

    I guess I'll need to meet her sooner or later considering she will be involved with the PIP assessment in the future.

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    Sounds to me like you've got a good'un there a GP that's actually interested in you, my own GP has for years blamed me for any symptoms that presented, it got too the point I stopped going to the doctor with new symptoms and didn't notice when my illness began to slowly deteriorate, (I've only realised that recently)

    When I got my ESA50 my GP didn't know anything about the new requirements for benefit claimants and gave me a very basic letter for ATOS that didn't say anything about my limitations.

    I think It's great your doctor wants to meet you, it'll give her the opportunity to begin to assess if you have any needs and start up a rapport with you.

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    You'll be one of the many chronically ill people he has on the books so to speak. So he'd he would be lacking in his job if he did not re-assess your health from time to time. Especially as he is new to that practice.

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