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Thread: Petition - Provide FREE 0800 access to all DWP departments

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    Petition - Provide FREE 0800 access to all DWP departments

    Hi Guys. Just wanted to ask if you would sign and share the following petition. It has only been promoted for two days and we are already over 70,000 we just need a final push.
    Thank you.
    Provide FREE 0800 access to all DWP departments, agencies and public bodies.

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    I believe that this petition is partly justifying itself by highlighting a problem that no longer exists.
    The premium rate numbers the petition talks about are no longer a problem.

    But the DWP should have all 0800 free numbers anyway, so I've signed

    All government departments that used to have premium rate numbers now have a standard rate number.
    A lot already have an 0800 number as well.

    The petitioner particularly makes his point that Universal Credit claimants have to use a premium number to contact the DWP about their claim.
    This is simply not true, the UC helpline number is 0345 600 0723, a standard rate number.

    Yes, the premium 0845 numbers are still in use if you ring them. (So don't ring them, see below).

    Where you still see an 0845 number for the DWP you can simply dial 0345 instead, this is then charged at standard rate, the same as an 01 or 02 number, and 03 numbers are also included in the inclusive minutes of mobile phone packages.

    It's worth trying this trick wherever you see an 0845 number at another organisation or company, it often works.

    Want to know what calling a particular number prefix will cost:

    Most DWP documentation has already been changed to show the 0345 (or 0800)numbers but older leaflets/letters may still say 0845, just dial 0345 instead.
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    Also check out your service provider for discounts if using your mobile or landline

    Here's VirginMedia's offers . . .

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    Thankfully not everyone's World is motivated by self-interest!
    Calls to the DWP should be 0800 PERIOD.

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