Hi Everybody,

My name is Giulia Barbareschi and I am a research student at the University College London Interaction Centre, my research focuses on the application of cooperative design strategies, integrating biomechanics and users input, to develop effective and acceptable assistive technologies for wheelchair users

I would like to invite you to participate in a study, whichh is part of my PhD research, that aims at understanding how people perform wheelchair transfers, what factors might make them more difficult and how effective assistive technologies are in facilitating them.

I am interested in knowing how you transfer into and out of your wheelchair. The scope of this short questionnaire is to use this information to capture a snapshot of how many transfers are conducted by wheelchair users, how they are conducted and if people are in pain while performing a transfer. I am interested in the interplay between the environment a transfer is conducted and how this consequently impacts on the transfer. This survey is completely anonymous and you will not be identified through any of the information you provide us with.

This study is part of a PhD project sponsored by University College London.

To take part in the sudy simply use on the link below:

If you are interested in knowing more, you can contact me using the email provided on the landing page of the survey or follow me on Twitter @GiuliaBar86

Thanks for your help!