Some interesting information about ESA reassment outcomes, changes of group and length of prognosis.

Take these with a pinch of salt, read the notes.
In particular:
Note 6 says that clerical cases (paper only) and transfers from IB are not included.
Note 7 says that these results are before any appeal.

Also routine referrals from DWP to the assessment provider for repeat assessments were suspended between January 2014 and December 2015 to focus on processing new claims. (Note 10).
So realy these figures are for Oct 2008 to Jan 2014, with only a few reassessments included after that date.

The figures indicate they have done 521,200 reassessments between Oct. 2008 and June 2015.
Of these 115,100 were found fit-for work (22%), remember that this was before appeal but may include MRs.