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Thread: The Alf Morris Lecture 2016

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    The Alf Morris Lecture 2016

    DLF is delighted to announce that The Alf Morris Lecture 2016 will be given by the prominent journalists and broadcasters, Jackie Ashley and Andrew Marr, under the title Stroke of fate: the politics of recovery.
    Jackie and Andrew will be speaking for the very first time as a couple about the impact on their lives of the major stroke that Andrew survived in 2013. In a discussion ranging from personal experience to national policy, they will address the importance of practical help in keeping people with disabilities independent.
    Looking forward to the Lecture, they said:
    “Every year, millions of British people, either disabled or older, suffer frustration, despair and pain because of relatively simple problems, which can be solved. The help and equipment is all around them: but they can't get to it.
    “This is an enormous, and enormously under-reported national problem. It doesn't require brilliant new scientific advances, just practical, joined-up help to transform innumerable lives which could simply be happier than they are. We are coming together as a couple for the first time to speak at the forthcoming Alf Morris lecture on our personal experiences and the need for expert impartial advice. We are doing this in part to express our support for the excellent work that DLF does in providing practical help to older and disabled people, to their families, and to their carers.
    “Alf Morris and Jack Ashley dedicated their parliamentary careers to challenging the limitations imposed by society on people with disabilities. Both believed that practical help could be transformative, enriching not just individual lives but families and whole communities. The Alf Morris Lecture is just a part of their legacy and, with healthcare provision under increasing strain, we believe its message of empowerment through knowledge is more important than ever before.”
    The 2016 Lecture will take place on Thursday 17th March at London's Shaw Theatre and be followed by a dinner. Click here to book tickets for all or part of the evening.

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    thank for the information !

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