Never heard of it? Read on.

Today I am planning my journey to get to a hospital appointment next week.
I decided to go on the bus as the rail line has problems after the storms.

Checked out the timings, went to get the ticket prices and found this:

National, half price travel card for JSA, ESA, IS, & IB claimants, sounds good.

It can be applied for by:
  • JSA 18 to 24 year old claimants from 6 to 9 months unemployed
  • JSA 25 year old and over from 6 to 12 months unemployed
  • IB/ESA/IS claimants actively engaged with an adviser in returning to employment
But then I wondered why no one seems to know about it, so did some checking.

I'll save all the quotes from what I found; but the big problem is you can't get one if you are, or have been, on the work programme.

So as almost everybody on JSA or ESA WRAG is mandated onto the work programme not may people at all will be able to get one.

Another spin by this government - "We give jobseekers a discounted travel card" when in fact its almost impossible to get.