Motor Neurone Disease (MND)


Motor Neurone Disease, also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), is a rare condition that progressively damages the nervous system. It causes motor neurones in the brain and spinal cord to stop working properly resulting in a progressive loss of muscle activity.

This life-limiting neurodegeneration means that all mobility is lost over time so assistance with accessing a bed is critical for ongoing dignity and care – both for the user and carers. Theraposture adjustable beds can provide the necessary functionality so that living at home with MND is more manageable.

Theraposture beds are tailor-made to encompass profiling and/or variable height to assist users living with MND. The profiling action allows the head or foot end of the bed to raised and lowered independently so the ideal sleeping can be achieved. As breathing becomes an increasing challenge with MND, sleeping with the head raised can improve this situation and offer more comfort at night. Couples can still sleep together if one of the partner's has MND through the selection of a dual combination adjustable bed.

The Theraposture double or 'dual' bed consists of two separate mattresses and bases that can either or both include powered functionality. This means one side can be adjusted during the night without affected the other mattress so better sleep is possible for both partners. These bases can be secured together or separated easily using Theraposture's locking device – offering the joint benefit of 'bed sharing' and access to all sides of the MND user's mattress. This is critical for the carer so that hygiene routines and hoisting are possible without access restrictions. Being able to raise the mattress to a higher level also allows carers to attend to the person with MND without having to bend over and potentially strain their back. This higher position also means using a hoist and sling is simpler when transferring a disabled person out of bed.

The choice of mattress is also important so that pressure, circulation and tissue viability are managed. When living with MND, people become completely immobile and therefore complications can occur from extended periods of sitting or lying. Pressure sores and ulcers are common so specialist solutions such as the Theraposture Alternating Air Cell Mattress are available that significantly reduce pressure on the skin and aid blood flow. This mattress can be incorporated into a rotating Rotoflex or a standard adjustable bed.