I would be grateful for advice.

How many times does the council need to be informed of changes?

My sister and her husband moved into a property where her brother lives.
She informed the council she had moved in with her husband.

The council automatically removed the original person who lived in the address automatically (her brother).
Although the council says they sent account closure notification to the address and reminders later none where received until
a Court summons was received, now the sister who suffers from psychosis, paranoia and schizophrenia is really upset and says she does not feel safe and wants to move out.........it was an attempt by the family to promote independence and she seemed to be improving.

Saw the council they say they sent the letters and blamed royal mail for 4 letters missing on different dates?!

They say original person should have reported change of circumstances also? So this can be construed as fraud? We helped the sister to inform the council of the change of circumstances.....Anyway they say he needs to reapply from scratch for council tax benefit also.

Shouldn't council have just added the Sister onto original council tax account then sent any bill....instead of putting it in sisters name then sending new bill and closing the original account?

Thank You for any advice in advance......are the council right in there handling?