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Thread: DLA to PIP Atos F2F wrong carried out

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    DLA to PIP Atos F2F wrong carried out

    The ATOS assessor ( at my face to face ) did not fill in the answers to the questions as i answered them, he used his own words which on many of the questions he seems to have lied and then contradicted himself in answers to others.
    He in my estimation seemed to have no or very little knowledge of my illnesses and how they affect me and my very day living, I have Parkinson's Disease ( had it over 15 years ) I have Heart problems,i have had a heart attack, i have Angina,diverticulitis, sugar diabetes, severe back pain,had an operation on my spine,had brain surgery twice and a partial Knee replacement. When on DLA i was awarded the top rate of the care component indefinitely at a tribunal,later after my condition deteriorated i was awarded the top rate of the mobility component. Now i have gone onto PIP i have been awarded maximum Mobility but only standard care component. And now my ESA has been stopped. Today i shall phone to find out why.DO they Expect me to live on £418 per MONTH. PRISONERS ARE BETTER LOOKED AFTER THAN US DISABLED PEOPLE.
    I remained seated through the entire assessment, i was not asked to demonstrate what i could or could not do.
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    You can ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration of the PIP decision if you think it is wrong, and then go to appeal if necessary.
    You have one month from the decision to ask for an MR.

    Remember though that if you do this they can change either part of the decision, mobility and/or care, upwards or downwards.
    Is it worth risking to you? Only you can decide that.

    Why do you say that your ESA has been stopped?
    They shouldn't have stopped ESA without telling you why first.
    Are you are saying that it has not gone into your bank when it should?
    It may just be a late payment glitch.
    As you say you will have to phone them.

    As for living on £418 per month, then yes they do expect that.
    And even less if you are a jobseeker.

    There are plenty of us on ESA WRAG only, that works out at £442.62 per month.
    Those on JSA only get the equivalent of £316.76 per month. (If they are over 25).
    Universal Credit pays £317.82 per month. (Again for over 25s).
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    I'll be honest here, that amount seems reasonable. There are 2 of us in a house and we live on £400 ish a month. Out of this we pay heating, water and all the rest, full rate council tax and food. Luckily no rent or mortgage. Canny shopping goes a long way. We eat mainly reduced items that can be and have been frozen. We do have a decent diet. Yesterday we had venison that had been reduced from £6 to £1, got it before Christmas and put it in the freezer.
    I always keep my eye out for reductions on things we will eat. Never buy anything we won't eat no matter how vastly reduced it is.

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