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    Question fentanyl

    I was recently put on these patches and was hoping someone else here is on them and can tell me what to expect mid-long term.

    Basicly, I have had a bad back for years, lower down the spine, in the middle but it dodesn't spread. I have taken tramadol for many years now and I have built up tolerance which is why i asked to change to something else.

    the patch is working wonders at 37ug/hr and am looking forward to get onto the 50 and coming right of tramadol to a PRN only dose with paracetimol.

    How long can I expect that dose to provide effective pain relief? I am desperate not to go above 50 for a long time, because it frightens me the pain is 24/7 and if I cant go higher, i am screwed. I am only 28 so I have a long time to go and dont wanna be maxed out on the dose say 5 years time and then pain creeping up and up with nothing to be done.

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    I personally do not know enough about your situation to judge, but your doctor should. Have you discussed this with your GP/consultant? Everyone is different, how they react to certain medications, their pain levels, other medical conditions, etc. I will tell you this, my brother is on a pain patch that works wonders for him. he is till in a lot of pain, his dose is enough to kill most people. His patches are 36 hours, but they have to be changed every 24 hours as they take 12 hours to become fully effective for him.
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    I was on the 72hr Fentanyl patches for about 3 years.

    I found alternating between them and Tramdol worked for me, and helped them stay effective for longer.

    I had to stop taking them as they made me go a bit loopy and thus couldn't drive with them (or work).

    I'm only 31 and have been on pain meds for 7 years now since being diagnosed with spinal artritis (Anklosing Spondylitis).

    I currently take around 400-800mg of Tramdol a day which is just enough to enable me to drive and work.
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    I had been on DTrans transdermal patches for at least 15 years together with Remedeine Forte tablets, at one point I was on the highest dose of the patches that could be prescribed. I had tried all the other meds but these gave me relief from terrible pain, one of my conditions is anklosing spondylitis.
    Ask your doctor if it would be OK to change the tramadol to the Remedeine Forte tabs and try and keep the patches as low as possible. Using these 2 lots of medication made it possible for me to alter the dosage to suit the level of pain, in August last year I managed to do without the patches and now only take the tablets when needed. There is a light at the end of tunnel

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