For the past 2 years I have been visiting different forums on the internet and discussing disabled peoples entitlement to welfare benefits and what they should be able to spend them on.

I asked able bodied people a lot of questions relating to welfare and disabled people and the overall opinion from them seems to be that we (disabled people) should be forced to live on the bare minimum.

I personally find this patronizing and insulting. Inequality is rising all over our country and no one seems to care. Everyone is fighting for survival but they aren't willing to unite for better living standards for all rather than better living standards for the few.

People have really hardened their hearts to us disabled folk and even when we try and do everything which is expected of us we are told we are not doing enough.

Also there seems to be a lot of class war within other forum communities where disabled people are fighting among themselves and branding each other as less deserving as themselves. I find this sad because on Your Able, Social Media and other platforms we have united to the point where bigotry dare not raise its head and everyone can contribute to our collective struggle.

I got fed up a couple of years ago and I decided to try and improve my own prospects while ignoring what other people would think of me if I did A, B or C. I decided that I am going to take every opportunity I can get my hands on and care not what others say.

I basically found out that I could buy my own home while receiving disability benefits and also make over-payments on mortgage debt which does not count as deprivation of capital. I found out I had a ultra safe credit rating plus the kind of spending habits which made me eligible for a platinum card.

This home buy was possible with the Help to Buy scheme which offers 95% guarantee mortgages and the behavior of some banks who see disabled people as viable lenders.

It is my belief that the Conservative Government has done a lot of harm to the disabled people of our country but in turn they have opened up some opportunities which can liberate us from the ills of slumlords who take advantage of our handicaps.

I will most likely be hated bv every able bodied person for taking advantage of programs which help disabled people buy their own home just as many disabled drivers have been able to lease their own cars from Motability.

I am no longer afraid of being labeled a scrounger by bigots who hate on disabled people. I am rising above that and the next step will be getting a job because the house that I managed to buy is situated right next to a industrial estate. Hopefully this will enable me to get 2-3 hours of work a day doing odd jobs. My aim is to get Tax Credits but I will be happy doing Permitted work.

One thing which is on my mind is hearing from disabled people who are living in damp moldy houses and try and work with them to enable them to move into one of those new build properties which are built by housing associations.

It is possible though a shared ownership scheme which was available even before the Conservative Government came into power.

I have considered trying to create a charity that gives disabled people a deposit to be able to buy a new build house based on need to try and write a few wrongs right and build a future for disabled friends all across the country.

Its a dream but it is possible.

Being disabled is a struggle and I'd like to hear all your struggles on this forum.