Just to let you all know we have asked for a MR as was on long term dla higher rate but now pip as been put to standard rate till 2020 so we are appealing, we asked for a MR but have asked for it not to be done till we send more info in from our gp and nurse and also till we have a copy of the report that the 1st decision was made on, OMG we have received the report what should we do because it's says that I told them I had limited right side movement and problems which my husband did most of the talking and he told them it was left side which the asser then states later I the report that it's left side she states I said I can get about the house unaided but then later in the report it states I after use elbow crutches a all the while and when I go out I use a wheelchair it states I grasped a bag normally at interview I didn't have a bag and she didn't give me a bag I'm so confused as to what I need to do now any advice would be appreciated tia x