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Thread: my travel dilema

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    A possible option

    It's true that finding a care taker to accompany you for your own vacation can be difficult and especially expensive if you have to pay for him/her as well. But what you can do is go on vacation with a travel company that offers this service particularly in their package, and so you won't have to pay exclusively for another person's whole trip.

    I have a disabled friend who is on a wheelchair and just went on vacation with Seable to Sicily, Italy. He said he had the time of his life and even learned how to scuba dive and make olive oil. The company takes full care of the disabled travelers needs from picking them up from the airport till their last day in Sicily. They cater for your accomodation, food, and everything else. It's pretty amazing.

    If you are interested I can ask my friend to give me more details.

    Hope you find my post helpful.

    Wish you best.

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    Have you contacted the Australian embassy in Soel about the opportunity to get a visa extension. Provided you have a return ticket or a forwarding flight out of Oz (on a fixed date) then you should be able to get an extension. A bit of forward planning might save the other hassle.

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