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Thread: my travel dilema

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    Have a brilliant time, let us know if it is as accessible as they say.

    Perhaps you could be the one to start something similar in your town LT.


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    Just be warned, I believe that shopmobility is on a ground floor of a car park depending which lift it is, you do have to go up and then around on a steep ramp if it's the one in the main car park, the other one might be Ok, but it seems busy and is right next to the toilets, but bare in mind the access to the shopping centre level toilet may be a bit difficult, but I think that whole area is under re-development can't be sure, but also the car park under the bus station has no disabled access so bare that in mind,

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    Hi Guys

    I'm the owner of and would welcome a review and questions regarding my homes.


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    It would be nice if people even those with what might be great holidays, put these onto an area which you might have to pay a small fee to advertise , this way if we wated to have a holiday we could look, you be helping the Forum pay it's cost.

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    ditto treborc

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    I just found this forum, what a fantastic place! My friend pointed me in the right direction and ive found so much helpful info I just wanted to say thanks!

    I don't know if this will help anyone, I too had the same problem about paying for myself and my carer to go on holiday and I stumbled across Blitz Holiday Funding through my local Link Centre. It's part of the Bond Hotel holiday group in Blackpool and they are raising money to provide holidays for people wel... like me... They fully funded my holiday after I applied and all I had to do was pay for my carer, just came home after a fantastic break. They do everything from day trips on a wheelchair accessible coach, level access wet rooms, provided me with a hoist free instead of me having to hire one somewhere and they had cabaret on with a drag artist on the Monday. I will definately be trying to save to go back, but it might help others to get funding to go away and not have to pay for 2 people.

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    Charities which do holidays

    Blitz seems to be very odd set up, I just looked into the area a week end away for two would cost £130 , which is about average, but Bliz is offering a week end in which only the career pays, £128. I mean most would charge the disabled person leaving the career go free.

    But Blitz seems to be involved with one Hotel group Bond hotels and all the holidays are with the bond group of hotels.

    Of course this might be wrong and Bliz and Bond hotel are two different parties but since Blitz is using the bond email address it just sounds so odd....
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    oh treborc you are so cynical LOL

    Does it really matter who they say goes free. You can just work it out with the carer.

    The only problem with this is that its in Blackpool :-( Don't they do these holidays anywhere else ?

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    Just seem to me that if you charge a carer £128 for a week end, and the charge for two people is £128 then who has gained

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellie20 View Post
    I have a dilema and cant believe its that expensive to travel.

    I want to travel,i am a wheelchair user who only needs help with cooking .

    i do want a group or a carer/friend to go with.
    i have one friend who i can ask but my care agency has carers with families or carers who i dont get on the moment i go to the calvert trust on my own but im getting bored of it.Does anyone know of any groups or agencies i can go with?

    also I cannot believe that i will have to pay for my holiday and care(which i dont need too much care!) and pay for the carers holiday too?is that the case?

    thanks for your help
    I notice hat you do say you have a friend you can ask to go with you and this may well be the best option as if you share a cabin on a ship or hotel room that this may be a great way of sharing costs. I have disabled guests on my books who do this and have a great time.

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