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My friends daughter who has learning difficulties as well as mobility problems lent her car to a friend who did not have a full license. Police stopped this friend and seized the car. My friends daughter admitted to the police that she allowed this so-called friend to drive her car. She is due to get her car replaced in six weeks time, hasn't been interviewed as yet by the police Any ideas what will happen here as she is scared to tell her mum what's happened, whether she will not be able to renew her car and how RSA will look on this. She is vulnerable and the person driving her car took advantage of this. I don't think it's a good idea for her mother to shell out £1000 for this new car if motability will end up confiscating it. Not sure if she will get a caution or get the same points as the uninsured driver. There wasn't an accident thank god
I wonder if we could have an update on this topic please?