I posted a while back that I was thinking about asking for a review of my PIP. I have arthritis in both knees plus other health conditions, and was awarded standard daily living at the beginning of this year, with 8 points from needing aids for cooking, bathing, toilet and dressing. The assessors report was accurate and I got the points I expected to get. At the time, I only got 4 points on mobility, which was again what I expected, as I could still get around a large supermarket to do my shopping (very slowly and a lot of pain afterwards, but I could just about manage). However my arthritis has deteriorated hugely since then, which has affected my mobility and I cannot walk half as much as I could, including not being able to get round a big supermarket anymore and having to start getting groceries delivered, and having to buy a mobility scooter to get around. I've been awarded a blue badge and have now been prescribed additional strong pain medication and after several people I've talked to suggesting I should inform DWP my condition has got worse, I asked for a review.
I had decided I was going to go ahead with it. Since my award, I've had an OT assessment through the council and been provided with a perching stool for cooking, a bath board and grab rails for showering, grab rails in the toilet to help me get up off the loo and a sock puller as I was really struggling to put my socks on, plus grab rails by the front and back door and an extra handrail on the stairs, so I have and use all the aids which I was given points for on my last assessment.
However I'm starting to talk myself out of it as I'm scared to death of losing my daily living. There's no reason why I should - I'm using aids for those descriptors I scored points on last time and need them even more than I did then, but then I started to worry about the consequences of losing what I've already got - apart from the £55 a week PIP, there's my husband's carers allowance he gets for me, plus the disability and carer premiums we get on housing/council tax benefit which means we don't pay any rent at the moment and very little council tax. So if I try and get mobility and don't succeed, it's annoying but not a disaster, but losing my daily living would be a catastrophe! I'd only get standard mobility anyway as I can still walk more than 20 metres, so am wondering if it's worth risking it for an extra 22 quid a week.
So while common sense says my daily living should stay the same as the points awarded still apply and my needs haven't changed, after seeing posts on here and things in the news about people with genuine need being turned down without any understandable reason, I'm starting to feel a bit reluctant to risk it. The form has to be in by the 13th of December, or it says I can let them know by that date if I don't want them to continue looking at reviewing my claim, which presumably would protect what I've already got.
Has anyone else ever been through a review, has any information/advice or know anything about the process? Thanks