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Thread: Nan's probate - diy probate

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    Nan's probate - diy probate

    Unfortunately my nan passed away recently and her estate has to go through probate but we do not want to pay the very high fees charged by a solicitor to do this so i am going to do it myself. My mum has been left everything in my nans will

    My nan has two accounts with the same building society and these are her only assets.

    I know i have two forms to complete there will not be any inheritence tax to pay as her money falls below this threshold.

    Does anyone know what i will need to send off with the forms will they need bank statements.

    My nan was 89 when she passed and iv heard something about tax having to be paid to HMRC is this correct?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Thank you thats very helpful

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    If she left a will, why do you have to go thru probate? there is some legal stuff you WILL need a solicitor for. you need to ask the BANKS (building society) what they need. Was the will lodged with a solicitor?
    My mom has recently gone into a nursing home and my brother has had to sort out power of attorney. not quite the same thing i know. but these things can take an AGE to sort and solicitor can at least expedite.

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    Reddivine If there is a will and it is for over a certain amount it has to go to probate. Solicitors charge a fortune to do it and if the will is simple it is eay to do yourself.
    Banks and all financial institutions will let you do nothing without a death certificate and certificate of probate so you are stuck to release the procceeds

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    Yes she left will and left everything to my mum. She has over £80,000 in her account due to selling her house just over a year ago and going into a care home so im sure the bank will not release that money without a grant of representation.

    Iv looked on the hmrc iht205 form i have to fill out and it asks about debts owing and im not sure what it means by debtsnan had an overpayment to the dwp that we were sorting out before she passed is this classed as a debt? Also some fees remaining to care home again is this a debt?

    Im doing everything myself i.e probate as solicitors cost a fortune

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    I would say those two items would be classed as debt as it is monies owing.

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    Ok thats what i thought

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    The form does not say you need provide proof of these debts is that correct

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    Sorry I have no idea, are there any notes to assist you in the form filling?
    You could always ring HMRC and ask or just take what it says on the form as gospel. If proof is needed I would think they will request it.

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