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Thread: TIA symptoms ???

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    TIA symptoms ???

    Hello again everyone

    I had a bit of a 'funny turn' the other day. I was sitting at my kitchen table about 11am, when I passed out, my Son, held me on the chair, until my partner got to me, apparently my left leg was kicking/spasming. I do not remember anything. I suffer with CHD and PVD, ( really should have called the paramedics ) both my Son and partner panicked, and they put me to bed. The next thing I knew it was 18:06, and had no idea why I was in bed or how I got there ....

    My Partner said I spoke to him, or responded in some way, and he saw no noticeable facial paralysis, so he assumed he was doing the correct thing.

    I called my GP the following morning, as I had just started on gabapentin, and thought this could be the cause. I was advised to go to A&E. I had bloods done, and all came back clear for heart concerns. ( Bonus ) ... I was informed that the Gabapentin, would not have been the cause, so I am now being referred to a specialist, to discuss the possibility of my having a TIA ...

    Has anyone experienced this or similar?
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

    Many thanks in advance xx

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    Try not to worry too much, you may be surprised to learn how often an episode like this is just a one-off, caused by some inbalance in your body chemistry, and never happens again.

    I'm no medical expert, but my Grandmother used to have frequent TIAs and they were not like you are describing.
    More like 'absences' where she would 'switch off' and go blank for a few seconds or a few minutes. and not remember anything about it.

    The fact that you were having involuntary muscle movements (spasming) would seem to indicate some kind of epileptic or possibly diabetic episode.
    That you were unconcious for a while fits with my own experience of having epileptic seizures, the sleep you report does seem a long time but it is not unusual to have a 'normal' sleep after a seizure whilst your body recovers.

    You have done the best thing by going to the GP and having just what happened investigated.
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    Ahhhh thank you Nukecad

    Ironically, this medication is ( as you probably already know ) is used to help with epilepsy, I was only on my third day, of using it with hope it would help with my newly diagnosed FM.
    My Mum has had a few Tia's, they say it is what triggered my Mums vascular dementia ... My sister has also had two Tia's, as you say, her description was unlike what I experienced.

    Hopefully it was a one off, I'll try not to worry xx

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