Hello again everyone

I had a bit of a 'funny turn' the other day. I was sitting at my kitchen table about 11am, when I passed out, my Son, held me on the chair, until my partner got to me, apparently my left leg was kicking/spasming. I do not remember anything. I suffer with CHD and PVD, ( really should have called the paramedics ) both my Son and partner panicked, and they put me to bed. The next thing I knew it was 18:06, and had no idea why I was in bed or how I got there ....

My Partner said I spoke to him, or responded in some way, and he saw no noticeable facial paralysis, so he assumed he was doing the correct thing.

I called my GP the following morning, as I had just started on gabapentin, and thought this could be the cause. I was advised to go to A&E. I had bloods done, and all came back clear for heart concerns. ( Bonus ) ... I was informed that the Gabapentin, would not have been the cause, so I am now being referred to a specialist, to discuss the possibility of my having a TIA ...

Has anyone experienced this or similar?
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks in advance xx