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Thread: managing Christmas whilst on benefits?

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    Question managing Christmas whilst on benefits?

    Hi. How do people on here who are on disability benefits and need to pay for care etc manage with funding luxuries such as Christmas and buying gifts? Cards are not a problem because I paint my own but gifts can be tricky. I've decided on a policy this year of buying for my sister and parents only. I suggested to a couple of my closest friends that perhaps a Christmas Meal instead of gifts? I think they ok with it but I kind of feel a bit mean. What do you guys do?

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    TK MAXX is my saviour I normally just buy one present each
    can pick up a watch that was 59.99 for 12.99 and skincare/bath products that were 40 + pounds for 8.99-15.99 and they are really good quality
    the website it updated daily. they are all 100%genuine branded products

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    I bake and cook.
    Cakes, biscuits, sweets, jams, pickles, etc.
    The recipients say they often don't make it to christmas day.

    Get creative with your packaging, a few ribbons, paper doilly, and a bit of tinsel can do wonders.

    If your'e stuck for ideas then take a look online, here's some to get you started.

    Some of those don't need any cooking at all, others could be made by fancying up shop bought cake or biscuits if your'e not up to baking your own.
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    Discuss with your family and

    - hold a secret santa presents. For example decide on a budget of say 20 each. Make a list of all your relatives and everyone pulls out just one name. You buy a single present, like everyone else, and all gifts are given out but only sent from Santa written on it.m

    Or just buy a present for the under 16s.

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    We start in January each year and fill 2 books of Morrisons saving stamps by July by getting 5 stamps with each shop. 200 saved covers us

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    We start for the 2 youngest grandkids in January in the sales.Luckily the 4 year old at the minute doesn't care what she gets as long as its a pressie wrapped up.We also try and put 2 a week away for the older teenage grandkids starting in January as well but if we can't we cant and they understand that.As for friends I have one really good best friend and if I see something I think she'd like through the year I try and get it and put it away.As for family they get what they are given as they know our circumstances.This year I was luckily enough to have a ppi claim win and I gave our son and 2 daughters there Christmas money then.We also try and put money on a Asda card every week but we don't need much food shopping because there's only us 2 we go to our daughters for Christmas lunch and nobody usually comes to see so it's just like a normal week to us.We don't drink so don't buy any.

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    I buy in the January sales and then keep my eye out throughout the year for things that are suitable and reduced and gradually add to my collection. I allocate everything I get so I don't get a second present accidently for anyone. I also collect for birthdays.
    At Christmas time, when the sales start, I find BHS very good for jumpers etc often vastly reduced in price.

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    I just buy token presents for adults as I know I will receive something from them and then I think about what I'm buying the children in the family.

    Me and my sister agree to a 10 budget for each other

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    I make an effort for son, daughter and their partners. The grandchildren always get something really decent. All the others we buy for are just token presents and there are not many of them. I don't even buy for my sister as her kids used to get something and now her kids don't but her grandchildren do. The same happens visa versa.
    Too much money is spent at this time of the year. I have even cut down on the number of cards I send, especially the ones that have to be posted.

    Some may call me mean but I don't care.

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    I work but on a low income and would struggle to buy lots of christmas presents but a few years ago my family agreed that we would buy token presents for each other rather than big presents so we stick to approx 5 and just buy something fun. I buy small presents for 2 or 3 friends but that's all.

    The cats - now that's another story!

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