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Thread: Osteoporosis and exercises

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    Osteoporosis and exercises

    Hiya everybody hope everybody is well, just wondered if anybody can gave me a bit of advice please, I've got osteoporosis I've had it for about 3 yrs along with common variable immune deficiency and lung diseases bronchiectasis and follicular bronchiolitis and granumatous. My joints are always worse in the winter and I decided to try to help myself by joining a Zumba class, I've been doing this about a month and I've injured my trapezirus muscle that goes from the shoulder and neck and down my arm, I've been to see ny gp twice about pain killers and pain relief etc but it's not touching the pain at the moment, my question is this morning do I keep Zumba classes up or not as I know exercise is good for the joints but I'm scared to do more harm than good, sorry for the long post x

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    If the Zumba class has caused you an injury, it seems to make sense to stop doing it. What did your GP say?

    Ask your GP if they could recommend any other forms of exercise that might suit you. Or ask to be referred to see a physiotherapist at your local hospital who could assess you and suggest forms of exercise that might work for you.
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    Got appointment to see my gp tomorrow thankyou rich- ward

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