Patient Slings & Hoists

The question of patient sling and hoist (ceiling hoist or floor hoist) compatibility has long been a topic of debate and the recommendation was that both sling and hoist should be from the same manufacturer.

The difficulty with this stance is that the patient may have a tailor-made sling, which has been designed specifically to accommodate their physical difficulties. To then transfer the patient to a generic sling, in compliance with the above recommendation, could compromise the patient’s condition or actually increase the risk of injury. This may in turn further compromise their health and well being.

BS EN 10535 (the British /European Standard for hoists) (1998) paragraph 5 suggests that compatibility between slings and hoists is clearly the responsibility of the sling manufacturer:

4.5 General requirements for Body Support Units (generic term used in the standard for all slings, stretchers, seats etc suspended from a hoist). The manufacturer of the body support shall indicate which hoist(s) and spreader bar(s) it is compatible with to ensure a safe combination.

It is now extensively recognised that hoist slings can be interchanged with hoists provided both hoist and sling are fully and correctly assessed, inspected and maintained. The spreader bar must be compatible with the sling that is to be used, i.e. loop sling to straight/coat hanger type spreader bar or keyhole/clip type to stud fixing spreader bar.

OpeMed authorise the use of their slings on a select list of hoists and vice-versa.

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