My name is Ashley Firth and I am currently undertaking my Masters by research in Sociology at the University of Huddersfield. It aims to bring to the fore the narratives of disabled trans- individuals who have not been, as of yet, given a voice within sociological research. I am therefore looking for individuals living with disabilities who also identify as transgender to interview in order to complete my project and raise awareness of the issues such individuals may be facing.

Interviews will be conducted around the end of January and the questions will centre on your experiences, ideas and thoughts. Most interviews will be done impersonally (over the phone/ Skype) and worked around what setup is best for you. You must be a UK resident to make sure the results gained reflect the experiences individuals have within British society. The ethical standards of this study are taken very seriously and confidentiality will be ensured, identities and stories will be anonymised and any data will only be used for the purposes of this study.

I hope to hear back from anyone who may be interested and/or knows of someone who may be interested in taking part. I believe this research is highly needed and therefore any responses would be highly appreciated.

You can contact me at: Ashley.Firth2@hud.ac.uk

Thank you for your time.