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Thread: Giving evidence while suffering from Dementia

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    Unhappy Giving evidence while suffering from Dementia

    Does anyone know the Duty of Care a Tribunal must give to a claimant with Dementia when giving evidence at a Tribunal?

    I recently went to a Tribunal where I was questioned.

    There were two claims one in 2008 which they are claiming I failed to notify them of changes to my ability.

    The second was in 2013 which was a new claim

    When I was asked questions I became confused and answered questions about the 2013 claim when they were asking questions about the 2008 claim, and answered questions about 2008 claim when being asked about the 2013 claim.

    It was confusing for them also. We all became confused at times. My wife tried to intervene but was told to be quiet.

    There was no breaks except for dinner, and the Tribunal went on until after 5 p.m. from 10 a.m. in the morning. I just can't cope with that.

    Surely there is a code of practise when questioning claimants with Dementia.

    My GP and nurses take no notice of what I say because they know that although I believe what I am saying is true it often isn't true.

    I get confused all the time.
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    I'm sorry I can't answer your question but have you thought about contacting an Advocacy CAB my be able to help you on this.
    Someone from there would maybe be allowed to speak for you to explain things.
    Sea Queen

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