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Thread: Age UK Teams Up With Theraposture To Offer A New Adjustable Beds Range

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    Theraposture To Offer A New Adjustable Beds Range

    Theraposture, a long established adjustable bed specialist, to offer a new range of electrically adjustable beds for older people. Theraposture Lifestyle Adjustable Beds are designed so that older individuals and couples can sleep comfortably and feel refreshed, the beds have been developed by Theraposture in association with a qualified Occupational Therapist to offer the highest levels of support and reliability.

    The new collection of Adjustable Beds includes ready-to-choose and tailor-made adjustable beds, which can be created online using an easy-to-use “Bed Builder” virtual tool. Found at the “Bed Builder” helps users create a unique bed from an extra range of options including function, style, size and finish.

    Customers can expect fully adjustable beds, reducing pressure on the hips, back and joints to achieve the preferred sleeping position. The height can also be adjusted making getting in and out easier and reducing the risk of back strain for supporting relatives or carers. Each design is available in a variety of widths for both one person and for a couple to share which can be personalised with a range of options including headboards, fabrics and controllers.
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