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Thread: I should think so!

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    I should think so!

    In my view this change should take immediate effect, not from next April. Too many folk are suffering.
    Only a trial but a step in the right direction, I hope it is here to stay.

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    Yeah it's a more sensible move but as we all know will petter out probably

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    Be aware that if you are on ESA then you should already get notice of any sanction concern that is raised and have a chance to reply before any sanction is imposed.

    Nearly all ESA sanction concerns (non-compliance concerns) are raised because of non-attendance of a Mandatory Work Programme appointment.

    The Work Programme Provider has no choice about this, they have to raise a concern if you don't attend - but should contact you first to ask for your reason and put this on the form they send to the DWP.
    The exact way this works keeps changing though because the WP providers keep getting it wrong.

    If you do get a sanction imposed you can ask for a MR of the sanction decision.

    I had a sanction imposed last year for not attending a WP appointment (without being given any chance to explain), asked for MR and got it overturned on the phone with 2 days of getting the sanction letter.
    You can read about it here
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