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Thread: Bottle/jar openers - recommendations?

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    Bottle/jar openers - recommendations?

    Anyone got any recommendations for devices to help open bottles, jars etc? My problem is mainly with my wrists being very weak rather than with hand grip (although that is a slight problem). I can hold the lid but struggle to summon up enough strength to turn it. I'm struggling with all sorts of things. Couldn't get the top off screenwash container for the car the other week and had to stop someone in a car park and ask if they could open it for me! As I live alone I have no-one to do that for me so need some sort of aid. I've had one of those rubber mat things in the past but that does not help with my particular problem now.

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    Hi cutover, I have similar problems with wrist strength and opening jars etc, my occupational therapist has provided me with a jar opener from a company called Dycem. It is rubber and shaped like a squat cone. The idea is it grips the whole lid at the same time so you need a lot less strength to open stuff. It works for me, hope this helps :-)

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    I have one of those keeper....but found it useless as it didn't grip the jar itself. Now got one from my mom which is a wierd shape but works better...will try and find out where she got it.

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    ok i didn't buy this but inherited it sort of but this is the kind of thing and household/openers-with-fixed-shape-g

    the site shows the different TYPES of jar openers that are around - have to admit tried the dome ones and the adjustable ones, was not impressed with them

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    Hi catlover, Redvine has already given you the relevant Living made easy link. As you can see from the replies, what suits one user does not necessarily suit all. It's a bit like dressing equipment, you need to try it out to see if you have the knack to use it. The best advice I can give is to visit your nearest disability centre and try some out. The old Assist-UK site has been hijacked since its dissolution, but many of the centres are still extant. There is a link here with contact details. Most will have a range of small items of equipment.

    I hope this helps

    Dlf team
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    Being one handed - opening marmalade pot lids, coke bottle tops etc is a challenge.

    I improvise and use science . . . glass jars with tin lids - no problem. Run the lid end under hot running water for 30 seconds to expand the metal then use dry cloth to hold lid and easily unscrew lid OR stab lid with sharp knife to break vaccum seal on lid - unscrew lid. OR hold jam jar and with a gentle tap knock the lid end on a hard floor - don't worry just use your common sense as to how hard to tap lid on the floor. It distorts the metal ld fr a second and breaks the vaccum. The liid easily unscrews.

    Plastic coke bottle tops. I tend to grip the small lid in my side molars with just enough pressure to stop the lid spinning when I twist the bottle. Only do this if you have your own strong teeth!

    For other tops like Juice bottles place the bottle topin the door hinge area. Close the door and hold the lid tight then spin the jar or bottle to loosen lid - good for champagne corks!

    I'm a great believer in improvising!

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