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    PIP Forum - Stuck?

    Quick bit of background suffer from various named arthritis but mainly under the name chronic inflammatory arthritis since a child, and some life-long mental health issues/phobias.

    I have been asked to move from dla to pip. I have always been registered disabled, but I am very scared of this process of moving to pip has a lot of my medical appointments, specialists, etc was some years ago, because obviously once diagnosed you don't keep going back over and over I have to live with my condition, obviously still have lots of medication which is ongoing but I worry I have not enough info to give them now.

    Anyway stuck on the question about preparing food and cooking simple meal. I don't cook or prepare any food, I have a situation where my back and hip can lock at any time causing me to fall or lose balance and I have years ago hurt myself when trying to food prep. As it stands my dad(carer) does all the food/cooking for me has it is just too dangerous for me to try and I also suffer from dizziness due to some meds which is added risk.

    Anyway what do I put to the question

    Do you use an aid or appliance to prepare or cook a simple meal? Yes, No or sometimes

    Do you need help from another person to prepare or cook a simple meal? Yes, No or sometimes

    I don't do any cooking for safety so we are thinking we should but No to both these questions, but then there is the worry they will just assume I can cook without aids or assistance from another person? So what is the right answer?

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    if you put no you will be expected to say why you dont use aids, you say you cant stand so will be expected to use a perching stool so you dont have to stand, explain why you cant use one,

    help to prepare do you need it all the time, explain why and what happens if you dont get the help, if you have nothing wrong with your hands then you can prepare while seated, explain why you cant do that,

    im sure there will be more answers later for you.

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    For each activity, I used the headings:
    Issues I face
    Aids and appliances
    Particular aspects
    As often as necessary
    How well could I manage?
    The time it would take me
    (i just copied and pasted this from the sticky thread-at the top of the main page,there's a lot of info there..have a good read)

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    168 ( posted the sticky thread link for you )

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    You should also be aware of a distinction that they make.

    Just because you don't cook meals does not mean that you can't cook meals.

    They can decide that you are capable of cooking meals, but have have chosen not to cook meals.
    (And they will decide if it is too dangerous for you or not).
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