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Thread: Help needed quickly please PIP

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    Help needed quickly please PIP

    Hi all, I need some advice please.
    Last week I received the result of my PIP application, I didn't really apply for the Living allowance as I can cope with most of the criteria, I was awarded 4 points which was fair enough.
    I really struggle with my mobility and I was awarded 10 points because of my inability to walk further than 50 metres, I didn't receive any points for the "planning" stage of the mobility criteria, this really upset me as i had very clearly outlined my anxiety and stress when I have to plan or go on a journey, specifically to new places.
    I told them of my obsessiveness in planning a trip or my reluctance to go at all, I use Google maps and street view to check if there are any inclines or parking problems.
    I currently have a motability vehicle and of course this will now need to be returned leaving me without transport to get to work, there isn't a bus or train station close by, so this is a really big deal for me.
    It is really frustrating as the DWP have recognised the full extent of my mobility issues, but they say i can plan a journey ok, the trouble is i don't have the legs to get me there!
    I am going to ask for a Mandatory reconsideration, but i'm not confident of persuading the DWP to award the extra couple of points required to enable me to keep my car.
    Should I approach CAB or help groups?
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    I see you've posted this twice and someone has replied to your other post and I tend to agree that if you can plan and follow you're route from Google, then you won't be awarded any points for the planning and following a journey descriptor.

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    apologies for the double post, i didn't think the first post worked.
    I don't believe that i explained myself too well, I won't go anywhere without a family member coming with me, i stress about where i am going to and will only go kicking and screaming and only if i am accompanied.
    I go to work each day, but my son works with me.

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