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Thread: Got my award - Thank you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Thank you! Message now showing!!

    Hi everyone

    Well I have my award and have got enhanced for both for 5 years – the relief is amazing and a big thanks to you guys for advice and support. I will write a brief detail of my experience and it may help others and any questions please do ask!

    Have a long history of physical and mental problems, been claiming DLA middle rate care and high mobility until the dreaded letter to apply for Pip arrived in July 15.

    Filled in the form, sent it off and received an appointment for assessment 2 weeks later – THIRTY MILES away!! Rang to complain and they changed it to local and offered to pay for taxis.

    Received an appointment for 8th September so started gathering as much evidence as possible. My doctor wrote a letter, got a letter from my incontinence nurse, got lots and lots of advice off here. Took pictures of my physical disability naked ( I have a 4st mass on my stomach – not a pleasant site and was scared I would end up on some weird porn sire after sending them off to be printed at Snapfish but hey ho – needs must!! Also I lost my balance and my knee was a complete mess so took pictures of this also. Letters from friends, family – all who know my condition.

    Had assessment – was terrified. The assessor was lovely and assured my I would be okay. I had to take diazepam whilst there and he didn’t force me to do physical things as he said it was obvious I couldn’t. I felt very relieved when it was over but still very wary of the report after all the horror stories we read.

    Two days later I rang the DWP for a copy of the assessors report and I received it a couple of days later. Brutally honest – said I looked unkempt, overweight and had dirty clothes on. I was quite overjoyed with the ‘overweight’ bit as having lost 13 stone the words super morbidly obese wasn’t reported!! I worked my points out and I scraped by for enhanced for both. Quite a few of the reporters comments were totally wrong but decided to leave it in the hands of the Gods and see what the decision maker said……..

    Well I harassed the DWP ( I have OCD so I guess they would have to understand!!) I rang daily and to be honest they were lovely and understanding. In my area it takes 2 weeks but my case was assigned to a trainee therefore took longer for them to do then checked by management so just under 3 weeks for decision. So it was exactly one month from assessment to decision.

    So my main advice to you all going through this hell, gather as much evidence as possible, no matter how trivial it may seem – letters from anyone who knows you, add additional notes (I sent an extra 4 a4 pages with my claim form) Photocopy everything and send by recorded post.

    Thank you ALL for helping me through this and if I can return the favour please let me know xxxxxxxx Sara xxxxx
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    Sorry for missing post content don't know what I did!!!

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    Congratulations, so very very pleased for you.


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    Thank you Nina just so glad it is over x o x

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    Congratulations on your award and weight loss.

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    Thank you Gus. It really sickens me that people are treated as they are - I am so lucky that I have a strong circle of support and it scares me so much for those that don't. This latest experience has made me look into the future and I am now in the process off restarting my degree and maybe view a career in welfare rights - x 0 x

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    Well done, it's a pain to go through it all but at least in your case it was worth it in the end

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    Fantastic result Booboo,well done indeed.

    Question: Did you tick the PIP 2 form " how your disability effects you " box allowing the DWP to relate and use information to your previous DLA claim ?


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