Just had my wife's medical assessment and it was very thorough indeed although not as scary as either of us thought.
The assessor arrived 30 minutes early (however from reading on these forums we were expecting that) and was a former senior nurse with an occupational therapy background so thankfully seemed to know her stuff.

She spent a lot of time asking about my wifes condition, who actually diagnosed the illnesses (GP or specialist), and when, what she could do, couldn't do, and what aids and adaptions we have in place as well.
In total she was there from just gone 9am to 1030am but the thing that surprised both of us was that she never made my wife do any exercises, instead saying that it was clear from the form and the evidence that she had heard today that making her do the exercises would be extremely likely to lead to dislocations and sub-luxing.

Fingers crossed this goes in our favour - as another of the questions she asked was how long in minutes (not distance) could my wife walk without being in extreme agony and having to stop. We mentioned that she is in constant pain but when we go out the maximum length of time she can walk is about 5 minutes but even then it is at a very slow pace. No doubt this will be twisted to say that she can walk over 200m, but our main reason for claiming was in the daily living, no so much the mobility.

So now it's just a waiting game.