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Thread: slow to load?

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    slow to load?

    Has it become slow to load today or just me?

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    Must just you as I have no problems.
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    What computer are you using? Mac or Windows.

    If it's Windows which version?

    It was the monthly 'Patch Tuesday' yesterday which is when Microsoft roll out the main updates, and these can sometimes have unwanted effects on some computer setups.

    Give it a day or so and if you are still having computer problems then I may be able to help.
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    In my experience the speed of loading a page depends on -

    - your broadband speed
    - the time you log on

    Logging on at 8.30 am is a busy logging on time and may be slower than logging on mid-morning or late at night.

    My broadband speed is 152MB and it took 6 seconds to load this page this morning which is slow.

    What you can do -

    Turn off your computer and router for 5 minutes and reboot. If it's still slow log onto a broadband speed checker and see what speed you are uploading and downloading if it is significantly slower than what you think you should be getting call your internet supplier to check for faults.

    Fibre optic cabling ISPs will be a lot quicker than copper wire connections.

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    reallllllly slow today, and i have fibre 40mb down and 10 mb up. actually putting me off even logging in

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    The site is being upgraded, there was a warning that it may seem slow until it was finished

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    To be honest i have never known a forum to take so long to upgrade, get the new files connect to ftp and upload them. This should have been done on a test forum a long time ago to iron out any bugs if any.

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