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Thread: IDS Conference speech...

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    IDS Conference speech...

    Notice how the media are saying very little about his speech
    But with comments like Disabled people should work their way out of poverty....


    Sickness benefit is being targeted next - with the employment support allowance heavily criticised.

    He?s looking to change the very nature of the benefit.

    ?We will ensure that work pays always better than welfare - we are brining to an end Labour?s something for nothing culture. But the job is not done yet.?

    If IDS can do something so far over 5 teams of doctors have failed I would gladly work and love it. I had another major attack 2 weeks ago and nearly passed away again only just out of hospital yet the stress of PIP/ESA remains constant. doctors tell you not to worry about such stuff but as you all know when you are reliant that's easier said than done.

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    Of course it certainly doesn't help the plight of the disabled when people like Tory welfare reform minister Lord Freud says to the country - "disabled people are not worth the minimum wage" and "disabled people could work for only £2 an hour." Yes, Conservative Lord Freud really did say this sometime last year - you may recall. It certainly doesn't promote the value of disabled people - let alone convincing potential employers that disabled workers are equal to none disabled workers (in IDS's case disabled workers V "normal" workers. IDS used this term recently - unbelievable I know). Anyway, I wonder if IDS has been seriously thinking about Lord Freud's disgraceful comments prior to his Tory conference speech this week? - I wouldn't be surprised. It makes you wonder - could there be another so called "compassionate" policy announcement on the horizon soon I wonder?


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