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    Good day!

    I would like to ask if anybody here know where are the jobs for international workers wishing to get work permits in Canada? Can anyone give help and advice.


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    Oh Oh I can answer this! You get a work permit by being sponsored by an employer. So you look up the employer you want, explain your situation (whatever it may be) and apply. They then decide if they want to sponsor you or not. If you are sponsored, they must provide you with reasonable living arrangement, be it they pay part or all of your rent, or they provide a place for you to live. You would then get a temporary social insurance number, as well as temporary id, and medical care for the provice you live in. The contracts are 2 years long. You must stay in Canada 5 years to be able to be considered for residency. You would not get all the social plans we get, because you are just a sponsored individual. What would happen is if you were let go for whatever reason, you would then have to find a sponsor again quickly, or leave.

    You cannot get welfare, you cannot get Employment insurance, and I'm pretty sure you can't get Disability, as you have not payed into the Canadian Pension plan, which is where they base their rates on how much to give you monthly.

    Here is the Canadian requirements for a work permit.

    I hope that helps you =)

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