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Thread: Jeremy Corbyn: a halt to the onslaught?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GenuinePsychopath View Post
    The majority of voters will only change their tune if they are directly effected. For example when Tax Credits where cut poor Tory voters where appalled yet that didn't stop them voting Conservative when they knew full well that there was a high chance of welfare cuts would impact the disabled.

    It looks like George Osborne may do a U-Turn and turn his gaze back towards us & spare recipients of Tax Credits. If this happens there will be little chance that Jeremy Corbyn will win the 2020 election.

    In times of economic crisis people do not care about the disabled. Its a un-compassionate reality but it is the truth.

    I personally would advise every disabled person to get as close to Scotland or Labour controlled areas as they can because if people think 2010 to 2015 was bad this next 5 years is going to be a complete tribulation for us disabled folk.
    Totally agree with your analysis of Tory voters and Tax Credits. However, Jeremy Corbyn and Labour in general, in particular their activists knocking on doors etc, need to 'lovebomb' the irate, soon to be out of pocket Tory voters. OK, so some of us might be thinking - they (Tax Credit Tory voters) are about to get what they deserve - so why does it matter - more fool them. I can understand this to a certain extent. However, this stance will be counter productive in the end; it will only fuel the Conservative government's divide and rule ideology, i.e. the masses turning against one and other - making the Tories 'hatchet job' on the weak and vulnerable much easier than it really ought to be.

    Politically speaking, the Tories would have been in more trouble if their Tax Credit proposals hadn't been stopped in its tracks by the Lords. If Osborne had got away with his savage cuts coming in from next April - it would have been very damaging politically to the Tories - at least in the short term anyway.

    Now we hear that IDS is apparently at loggerheads with George Osborne (supposedly not for the first time) over proposals to slash Universal Credit (UC ) payments. Erm, aren't these payments (UC ) going to be replacing Tax Credits in a couple of years time; this is just prolonging the agony - surely - I hope those Tory voters can see this coming - before next casting their votes?????????? One can only hope!


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    So now we hear that Osborne is lining up hard-pressed Housing Benefit (HB) recipients in his sights, supposedly to be announced in next week's budget; if this is true, it will further demonstrate how he and the government are hell-bent on hurting the working age poor including the sick and the disabled. Millions of disabled and sick people rely on HB - due to no fault of their own, similarly, millions of fit and healthy working people also rely on HB due to stagnant wage growth and spiralling housing costs. These people will undoubtedly suffer even more hardship if Osborne's proposals are borne out. Lets hope then for the sake of those likely to be affected, this rumour does not come to fruition.

    As for Jeremy Corbyn, he would be best keeping his mouth shut sometimes; he keeps on walking in to media and Tory booby traps on a seemingly daily basis. Appearing to defend the rights of Jihadi John in the same week as those awful atrocities was downright stupid at best; there can be no better way to rile the media and alienate the public including potential Labour voters.

    It would be an absolute tragedy if Corbyn were not to be more mindful of what generally the public's views are on issues of security and defence; Trident is another example - arguably, most people ether want to renew the Trident missile system or couldn't give a toss about it one way or the other. They are far more likely to be concerned about issues like inequality including unchecked poverty and poor housing. If Corbyn and Labour don't alter their ways then hope will be lost for the millions of weak and vulnerable people who are suffering right now at the hands of the Tory government. The vulnerable could certainly do without the Tories being in power for the next decade or so. Unfortunately, at the moment, Labour seem to be making this a far more likely outcome.


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    I agree buster,

    I fully support Corbyn's ethos in general, but they do need to savvy up and stop putting their foot in it.

    Besides privatising The NHS, (power to The Junior Doctors for fighting back) and diminishing the Welfare State to a nonentity, the Tories are also intent on doing away with Social Housing which has been proven to be the best and cheapest way of housing people who cannot afford to buy.

    I would suggest all Social Housing Tenants and those who support it sign up to The TCG, which was set up by,

    Even Giles Peaker a well respected Housing Law Barrister believes that we may well be witnessing the death knells of Social Housing if the Tories have their way,

    Sad and worrying times for current and future potential Social and Housing Association Tenants.

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