I don't know if this is the right thread, but I am wondering if anyone can help. At present, I've got an Android mobile handset and to be honest, the call announcement software I installed is reliant on the internet etc as this can't be done onboard, the same goes for speech recoginition.

The thing is I am visually impaired, and to be perfectly honest the RNIB, and one other visual disabilities charity (Right name) has recommended the Iphone, looking at the Iphone's I know the version 4 looks superb and with v5 software could do a lot of what I need, but has anyone got experience on the model's speech recongition and system of announcing callers etc, as I uise to have the technology onboard on an old Nokia X6, and I moved to Android thinking it would be a good platform, but this seems to have been a mistake, and I know Iphones would mean paying slightly more than I am now, but can you recommend these handsets for someone like myself, as I think it would be a lot more reliable than Android it's jsut a case of what these features which I would find extremely helpful if plugged into a bluetooth headset to make my life safer when getting around are like.

Thanks for your help in advance.