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Thread: ESA back pay

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    ESA back pay

    my partner had his assessment last wenesday after a long wait from March last year, I called ESA yesterday to see it they had received the report as wanted to request a copy while awaiting a decision as his hole assessment lasted just 10 minutes anyway the lady from ESA confirmed that indeed the report had been received last Friday and my partner had been placed in the support group on the same day.
    I know you don't get any extra for the first 13 weeks but have no idea on waiting times for back pay owed (we have worked out we should get £2000+)

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    You don't give the full dates so its only a quick estimate.

    Say claim made 10th March 2014, first 13 weeks takes us to 9 June 2014.
    9 June 2014 to 6 April 2015 = 43 weeks @ 35.75 = 1537.25
    6 April 2015 to 14 Sept 2015 = 23 weeks @ 36.20 = 832.60

    Total backdated payment to come = £2369.85
    That will need adjusting for your actual dates.

    That amount will need payment authorisation by a manager so will take a few days longer to process, but once your claim has been awarded it is usually pretty fast, within a week or two.

    One thing to note is that often backpayments go into your bank before you get the offical letter about them.

    That's just the Support Group component, if you have PIP or DLA then there may also be some disability premiums to backdate as well.
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    Thank you nukecad, that it roughly what I worked it out too as actual date claim was made was 18 March, my partner receives pip standard on both for witch I receive carers allowance for so already get the carer premium added to ESA as its a joint claim.
    Fingers crossed they can give me a bit more information on Friday (if letter not received by then) when I call to confirm dates as was quite shocked on a quick decision I forgot to note dates to compare with paperwork.

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    Had back pay in bank today, more than we expected as but ESA confirmed it was correct so happy days

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