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Thread: PIP home assessment today

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    PIP home assessment today

    Hi everyone I have my PIP assessment today at home they have given me a two hour window.Quite nervous but that's just natural plus I don't like visitors at the best of times.I am covertly recording because on my last DLA assessment the HCP got quite a few things wrong and I believe I should have got middle rate care instead of low rate.I did not challenge the decision because I was just delighted to get DLA after years of trying.

    At the moment I get DLA HRB & LRC indefinite award I was not asked to move to PIP I did it myself because I didn't want the surprise envelope.I will let you know how it goes and what award I get I am fairly confident for care as I have lots of adaptions so receive points for them plus I need assistance with virtually everything.The mobility side I am less confident I have significant mobility problems and sometimes cannot walk at all so have to use a transit wheelchair as I cannot self propel.I am also agoraphobic and never leave the house alone and then it's only for hospital and doctors.

    Hopefully all will go well but you never know fingers crossed well they would be if I could cross them LOL.

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    Good Luck with your assessment.

    I will just say though, any recording you make, without first clearing with DWP and the assessment provider, would not be any use. It would not be admissible in law to contest any decision.
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    I am covertly recording......
    You know you should not be doing this?

    If they realise you are recording covertly the assessment can be stopped immediately.
    This could result in a finding of non-compliance with the assessment process, which means benefit will be refused.

    The recording will be inadmissable as evidence anyway because of the fact that it is covert.

    Obviously it's up to you if you want to take the risk, but think about it carefully first.
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    Good luck hope all goes well.

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    Thanks everyone.I did NOT record in the end and if I had of there is no way anyone would have been aware of the device.I know a recording would not be of any use as evidence and if the HCP knew the assessment was being recorded he would have stopped it.The recording would have been to aid my memory when writing an appeal if an appeal was needed.

    I think the assessment went really well he actually said he did my assessment first because he had never seen someone with so many secondary conditions relating to one main condition and knew it was going to be a long assessment.He was here for two and a half hours and was a very nice doctor.He said "you should hear in 6-8 weeks but don't be surprised if you hear sooner" so all in all it sounds positive but I will not get my hopes up until the decision letter arrives.

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