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Thread: PIP been cancelled :mad:

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    Angry PIP been cancelled :mad:

    Hellom I am 22 and I suffer from severe Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder both suicidal and obsessive thoughts. Last year I was given PIP and had been on it til recently, when my conditions got WORSE. I was told that I had to reapply due to me becoming diabetic as well as the issues I had before. I was told that because my conditons have changed I need to be reassessed. I got a letter and went to my reassesment with my parents, none of my conditions changed and told the aceesor (who are supposedly qualified) that I had OCD and Type 1 diabetes aswell as Anxiety etc.. She typed and said she didn't know how OCD could affect my life this sadly made me mad and very upset so much so that my parents sadly had to explain as I got nervous, upset and had a major panic attack during the assesment. However everything that we said, the acessor put her own interpretation and NOT what I wrote. She showed no sympathy nor did she write for any of the questions what I said but instead put her own interpretation and somewhat *twisted* what I said to gain lower points. After leaving I felt distraut and angry that they did not know how either Type 1 Diabetes and OCD and depression could be a major problem with daily life. I have now put in an appeal and reconsideration letter, I am just wondering what happens now after this and whether I have a right to be so angry? I can not use transport with public as I get severley anxious. However on my report it clearly says that I said I could which was an outright false claim? Has this happened to anyone else and am I going the right way in reclaiming?

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    Sounds horrendous, but diabetes wont get you any points unless you have major complications, so don't labour the point about it just focus on your other conditions. I speak from experience as have had type 1 for well over 50 years

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    The assessments are a joke and full of false info total waste of time if you ask me.

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    I agree with Cornwall, diabetes in itself wouldn't get you any points but if your mental health condition makes it more difficult for you to manage it, then you need to tell them. For example, does injecting yourself give you increased anxiety? Does someone have to help/prompt you to inject the right dose at the right time? Do you need help to take tablets at the right time? What's your eating/appetite like, as missing meals or eating the wrong things can affect diabetes badly. Do you have hypos and if so, can you recognise them and do you need someone to help you deal with them? If managing your diabetes and keeping your sugars level is made more difficult because of your other conditions you need to emphasise that and it should help you get more points. If you lack motivation and/or have trouble with your memory due to your mental health and/or medication that would count under prompting, encouraging and reminding and should help you get points.
    I'm type 2 and can manage it ok myself but because I also have arthritis and have difficulty washing and bathing, I emphasised on my form that personal hygiene is of utmost importance to a diabetic to avoid skin problems, specially around injection sites, so it was essential for me to wash and dry myself thoroughly every day to maintain healthy skin despite experiencing difficulty and pain due to my arthritis. My hubby is also type 2 and because he also has mental health problems and on lots of medication, he is hopeless at remembering to take his tablets and often doesn't feel like eating which, as diabetics know, can be risky if you go too long without food. Without me reminding him to take his tablets with his meals and encouraging him to eat regularly, his blood sugars would be all over the place so if that kind of issue applies to you, it's worth emphasising it, and also the consequences of what happens if your diabetes isn't managed properly, ie blood sugars being too low or too high and making you feel ill, which could possibly lead to collapse and the need for emergency medical help.
    Both my hubby and I got standard daily living and he also got standard mobility. While we both have other conditions (me arthritis and him anxiety, arthritis and a spinal condition), I think it helped that we described how one health problem impacts on another and the consequences of what would happen if we were not managing things properly.
    Good luck

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