We had torrential rain this morning (most people did I think) and me and my scooter got really soaked. Discovered my waterproof jacket isn't waterproof any more, and spent the morning at work wearing a colleagues spare cycling top while my top dried!

More importantly some water seems to have got into my scooter, I assume it's seeped through the sides of the keyhole - the key has a cover over it but today was so wet the water seems to have got through. I use a powered chair at work so scooter is drying off. But tried it as I was concerned and as soon as I switch it on there's a high pitched squeak. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Might see if someone from the works department can unscrew to part (don't know what it's called, Someone else might) to try and let it dry out. It seems to work ok, but noise is a bit alarming.

Any suggestions??