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Thread: building for disabled

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    building for disabled

    I am a master builder working mainly in residential (new build, refurbishments to period properties ) from groundwork?s to roofing. Unfortunately due to mobility problems can no longer physically carry on working the way I have been I was diagnosed with progressive MS Using my extensive building knowledge.Now as a residential architectural technician building cost analyst, quantity surveyor and materials specifier I can create scheduled working drawings and a priced bills of quantities for ( holiday homes, garden rooms extensions and houses ) all from given dimensions and brief. Working from home . Where I am fully self reliant with my own set up. and have successfully submitted plans for both planning and building regulations to a number of L,B,C.?s. Because I knew eventually I wouldn?t be able to continue so took some building related courses ( quantity surveying and spreadsheet database). Using my extensive building knowledge with both ?CAD? and ?XL? formulated a building project package ( scheduled working drawings and a project management spreadsheet ) particulary suitable for self builders. Iv?e built renovated and repaired them now I draw them. I have many free examples available. 2 projects that are are of personal interest to me are a fully accessible 3 bedroom holiday home/lodge for family and or careres A completely refurbished /rebuilt period terraced .Who better to design for disability than a builder in a wheelchair anybody interested I will send copies ofb these 2 projects
    Yours sincerely Michael bailey
    mobile tele:- 07913542998 email

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    That's good to know, however many of us disabled cannot afford to build from scratch.
    There may well be people who need extensions and alterations however, as local authorities are really tightening up on what they will do/pay for.

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    Hi michalis sorry to hear about your MS diagnosis.I have Relapse and Remit MS and I had give up work as a florist because I can't hold things or stand up for long but hey ho i found theres more to life than slogging my guts out for 8 hours a day.It was very had money wise but we've weathered the storm and live life now how I want to.Yes theres days when I think i'll look for a part time job but then my brain (whats left of it) tells the old body hang on you're not able to go to work so stop thinking you can.
    I'm peased you are able to carry on working if not the physical side but my bit of advice to you is listen to your body if its saying no I'm tierd then go and have a rest and don't push it because you will end up feeling a lot worse.I know that fro experience.

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