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Thread: Pip appeal on the 1st sept need some help

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    Pip appeal on the 1st sept need some help

    Hey guys got my appeal date 1st sept I asked for a paper appeal but they want me to come to the court to have a oral appeal. Why do you think this was done ?
    Secondly my medical history backs me up is that enough . I suffer with anxitey and ha scoliosis in two places cause my back to sezze up and I get pains when walking as my knees take my weight . At the atos medical the lovely lady (not) said she basicly didn't belive me and lied saying I made eye contact my mother was present and said I looked at the floor and was fidgeting she also said I looked well and not tierd .i find this hard to belive I didn't sleep the night before and was heavily pregnant 36weeks . She also said I smiled when asked about my baby how does that have anything to do with my conditions I'm hurt by that comment my baby is my world he will always make me smile no matter how much pain I'm in mentally and physically I should have to mask that . I was awarded 4pointa dl and 4pointa for mobilty . When I did the mr I was awarded another 2 points dl and dm said it was a slip of the pen error and should have got 6poins dl instead of 4. With having 6p only having two away frm standees dl do I have a chance and lastly . With the planning and following journey bit does that included needing some one with me as I have a lot if pain and often need support . I got 4points for not being able to walk 200m with out assistants so surely that means if I go on a journey I need assistants if they agree I can't go more then 200 meters .sorry for the long post thanks x

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    It's always preferred by tribunals to see the claimant in person as it helps them come to the right decision if they can ask you any questions that arise. Tribunals are much more likely to provide a good outcome for the claimant if they attend too, with paper based tribunals more likely to fail so it's in your interests to attend.

    With regard to planning and following journeys - this descriptor is purely about your cognitive ability to plan and follow a route - whether you have the mental capacity to do so without getting lost and so on. Physical problems like pain and difficulty walking are covered under moving around.

    When you attend, your job is to make clear how your illness/disability affects you in doing the tasks on the PIP form and explain why the points awarded should have been higher. Don't get into accusations about the assessor as that won't help and should be addressed separately as a complaint to the assessment provider if necessary. The tribunal's job is to look at the evidence you provided and establish whether that evidence along with your own description of your difficulties should have given you more points than DWP awarded. This is why attending in person is helpful as the panel can ask you directly about any aspects they feel need clarification. Be aware that the tribunal can also take points away or leave them the same if that's what they feel is correct.
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