Just a quick update.

We have just had our visit from the council. It was a very nice lady. She just asked a few questions about the wet room, wheelchair use etc. She asked for a brief outline of my illnesses/conditions, she said this was mainly to show that they are progressive/debilitating and will not improve.

She explained the criteria for qualifying, which applied to us, ie; the wet room and that I have to use my wheelchair indoors. She did not ask for any paperwork, even though I had it to hand just in case. She did not look round the bungalow at the wet room or anything, but I suppose that is all on their records anyway.

Now, she has to go back and put her report in to the Council Tax dept and we will hear from them in due course. It seemed a positive visit, so fingers crossed. I will let you all know when we hear.

Thanks to all for your input and advice.