Trabasack Summer Sale!

I sell trabasack and a few other items on Amazon. Every 6 months they tell me I have over stocked certain items and I need to clear them fast or I get storage charges.

Here are the items: all 50% off. Limited stock - when they are gone that’s it.

(Amazon does the shipping and they will send them to out to you from UK)

Trabasack Curve - described as a “rolling tray” experimental listing idea!

4 left £14.95 - usually £35.95

Trabasack Tapes - rough velcro tape over 120 cms, can be used for crafts, holding tablets phones to a trabasack etc.

12 left £1.95 - usually £2.95

Trabasack Mini Connect - velcro ready lap tray and bag

8 left -usually £29.95 now £14.95

Other various sale items

Greeper Laces ‘always tied’ sports laces in Grey, Sky Blue, White and Purple

usually £8.95 now £4

Knork - the knife/fork combination that is safe in the mouth

Plastic Picnic Knorks now £3.95

Foam handle for Knork makes gripping easy (could be used on other cutlery)

now £4.95 was £7.95

Bibetta Pink Dribble bib - high quality babies bib now £3.50

Bridgit - crutch or walking stick holder £4.99

Pick up a bargain or share on twitter or fb if you want to help a 50% disabled person owned business! (other 50% is me, also a carer).

The links to all the items can be found here