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Thread: Moments that make you feel REALLY disabled....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lighttouch View Post
    On another point - as we tend to live near the Trafford Centre - Fliss I'd be interested to see your Hoist in action as I've got the same smaller Scenic then after we could wheel over to the Orient for a coffee or light bite while people watching or running over!

    Let me know next time you're free - it would be nice to put a face to the name.
    I think Scenics are disappearing! Yes we could do that. The next couple of weeks are a bit hectic, but sometime after that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ataxia2007 View Post
    Didn't know where to post this comment.
    Why do people always assume disabled people are in wheelchairs.
    My point is why in most car parks disabled bays are of a stick person in a wheelchair when not all disabled people are in wheelchairs.
    Why not just paint the word disabled users only on the tarmac.
    When you look around where you see disabled entrance on shops it is the same sign a stick person in wheelchair
    I think a new sign is in order.
    I dont have a wheelchair or a stick. I can comfortably walk to the shops and back. I dont use disabled bays and rarely use disabled toilets. Most posts on this thread have been from those with walking disabilities. Ill change the trend a bit.

    For years i bounced from job to job, one after the other not working out for various reasons. Whether that was my unexplainable inability to handle working at pace, or problems socially. Still, i didnt consider myself disabled because i dont fit the stereotype. I now suspect the working at pace issues are a side effect of my wider mental health perhaps making me lethargic. My problem is im not well enough to work, not disabled enough for disability.

    The biggest thing now that makes me feel disabled is the realisation that ill struggle to live the life i expected to. I couldnt imagine myself being able to return to work, and keep the job anytime soon.

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    The dying Scenic - when I was in the Renault showroom I did try the ‘Captur’ - looks great but after 20 seconds didn’t like it as the footwell is deep and getting in was tricky as the seat is a little to high and window height is a quarter less than the Scenic.

    Meetup That’s great - mid August on a Sunday if that’s not a problem. See if we can take in some Thai food if there’s one there! Wouldn’t it be fun rollin’ side-by-side along the mall - perhaps we should take some blue flashing lights!


    Your posts always exude positive vibes - you’re an Angel.


    We all know that disabled people’s impairments can be visible or invisible. I know that you are not alone. I guess it must be more difficult if people can’t see your impairment but then again people don’t like to stand out or be different in case it encourages discrimination. Everyone is good at something or can be ‘trained-up’ over time.

    Technology worked in my favour. Despite being a natural left hander and not a touch typist it was fortunate that I could use a mouse with my good hand using designer software in Advertising Agencies and also the Public Sector. Without technology I would have been screwed as my writing and drawing hand ceased to function at a ‘commercial speed’.

    You could return to work doing things with disabled people doing stuff that interests you, I’ve just become a Trustee ffor a local disabled person’s organisation whoose work interests me. As Rasp would say - never give up - whether it’s technology, people or dealing with animals the world awaits with baited breath.
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