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    Red face Social clubs


    I was just wondering if anyone knows any social clubs for people with disabilities that i can go to in Stretford, Urmston, Sale or Altrincham area?

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    Well Sarah, I was out socialising with my disabled friends at a Chinese eatery for a two and a half hours in Manchester. I think we over ordered as we took home tw doggy bags of leftovers!

    Right, to the problem in hand. You just want a bit of fun, sunshine and exercise. It's your lucky day on Saturday between 1pm and 3pm but don't mention my name or the war!

    All ability cycling in Wythenshawe Park, or rather alongside it at the Athletics track - just drop in after 1pm and befre 2.30pm.

    Even if your legs don't work they have trikes and quads where you remain in your wheelchair and a volunteer will take you for a spin. It's a very friendly place and on Saturday there will be families, youngsters and older people on the track.

    Just bring £2 and that gives you a ride, cup of juice or tea and a buscuit. No experience needed - just come on down it's called Simply Cycling and the entrance is on Wythenshawe Road opposite the health clinic.

    Satnav - M23 0AB for entrance on aWythenshawe Park

    PS There will be about 140 cyclist attending - bring a friend /helper who'll get in for free.

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    Sarah, while I think on why don't you try out the disabled swimming club that meets at Sale Leisure Centre on a Sunday between 10.30am and 12.30pm in the smalller pool. Entry is from the car park at the rear of the complex

    Address Sale Leisure Centre, Broad Road, Sale M33 2AL

    So, I've given you the ammunician all you need to do is fire it!

    Have fun!!

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    Hi Sarah My PT runs a couple of classes each week you might be interested in. Hi Tension Workouts meet for gentle pilates exercises. Supporting people with physical, mental or learning difficulties. The classes are free of charge and run by Dawn, who has been doing this for 25 years! She raises funds every year to keep these groups free. I have been working with her for 121 rehab and can highly recommend her. Her number is 07968 599048, she is based in Urmston and the groups are local.

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