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Thread: Driver hit a run my Motability car

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    Driver hit a run my Motability car

    A few days ago a car pranged my car and drove away not giving me any chance to talk to them or get the registration number there is only slight damage to my front drivers wing but noticeable, how does this leave me with RSAM, should i let them know/leave it? And if i do let them know how will that affect Motability when i come to renew or GCB come handing the car back..?

    Has anybody been in this situation recently.

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    Yes I have.

    These are your choices.

    1 Report damage to RSA and book it in for repair

    - even though it may not be your fault RSA cannot claim damages from a third party so you will need to pay £75 excess
    - they will note that your car has been damaged
    - on returning the car after three years of lease hire you may have to forfeit the 'good condition bonus' e.g. about £250

    2 Don't report it but repair it privately

    - get a quote from a small car repair company or individual. It would be cheaper in the long run.
    - RSA wouldn't have you on record for damaging the car

    I used to use a retired former Ford car airbrush operator. I'd go to Carcraft for them to identify the car paint colour then buy a quarter litre. I'd buy the small car part from the wholesale car dealership and leave everything with him.A day later it was done.
    Good luck which ever route you take.

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    If you contact RSA and they have the car repaired you won't loose the good condition bonus.

    My new Kuga was hammered by 2" hailstones a couple of weeks ago, still perfectly drive-able but if I hadn't paid the £75 excess and got it repaired (hopefully getting it back Friday with a new roof, bonnet and lots of panel work!) Motability said I'd definitely loose the bonus on hand in but with it repaired I'd still get it.

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    Lt's option 2 is best IMO. Without an image it's difficult to suggest what's best for you, if it's a scuff mark maybe it'll polish out with T-Cut ?

    Most Magic Repair type companies should weigh in under ?90 or thereabouts.........funny thing - if damage can be repaired by a Magic Repair company and you don't have the work carried out, your car will pass muster when the final inspection is carried out.

    Always do your best to avoid all un-necessary claims even though you won't lose your GCB - if you were unlucky enough to have several claims RSAM may refuse you cover on a future car.

    Good luck whatever you decide

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    If damage light it may be considered fair wear and tear.

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    I would suggest to all to do what I have done, which is fit a dash cam, not just for these situations, but also road issues. Well worth it.

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    Well thanks for all the replies guys although it is only slight T-cut won't cut it (no pun intended) and i think it would be to much for fair wear and tear, i will get a picture up and see what you think but i might go to a small company to repair as lighttouch first pointed out..

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    IMG_1369.jpg not easily noticeable but i tittle to much to count as fair ?

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    When you get next car and hand this one back the dealers do report. If they say fair wear and tear you get bonus if not you dont and may have to pay an excess

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    Always get a couple of quotes and check out any repairer on review sites to ensure they of hood reputation

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