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Thread: 2nd PIP assessment.Mobility Downgraded.Suitable Evidence???

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    2nd PIP assessment.Mobility Downgraded.Suitable Evidence???

    Hi everyone,

    I have just had my second PIP assessment because I was diagnosed with another health condition and my condition has worsened since my first assessment. My second assessment was totally different to the first and to cut a long story short the second assessor has downgraded my mobility component to standard rate. I was also awarded standard rate daily living which is fair.

    I asked for a reconsideration straight away and I am looking at evidence that I can provide. I have asked for the assessors reports for both assessment but they haven't arrived yet so it looks like I am going to have to send in the evidence without first seeing the report which is totally ridiculous but seems to be quite common!

    I have asked my GP for another letter stating that I am in significant pain before getting to 20 meters and he has done that for me. I have no other health professionals to ask, I have been discharged from rheumatology, I have been on the pain management programme and my care has been handed back to the GP. I will try the pain consultant but the chances of getting a letter back from him in time are pretty slim. I did include plenty of evidence of my history/medication etc so that's not in dispute, it's purely walking distance.

    The second assessor didn't ask me how far I could walk he asked me how many minutes I could walk for before I absolutely have to sit down. I hadn't though of it in terms of minutes before and said it varies and depends what else I have done that day/the day before and how much sleep I have had. He said "can you walk for two minutes?" I (stupidly) said "yes, sometimes" and then he cut me off and didn't give me chance to explain anything else, how it varies and how the majority of time it is less than this, that the two minutes would include stops and that I don't always sit down when I am in significant pain (if I did I would never get up at all. I am in constant pain) I tend to stop and lean on something or stand on one leg, I am still in significant pain. I feel like he asked this to catch me out because he didn't believe my health problems could cause a severe mobility problem (I don't feel he understood my health issues in the same way the first assessor did, he told me he was going to "lump them all together because they are all really the same thing" which they are not, I have quite a complex case that baffles many consultants!). He then said that's the end of the assessment, good luck etc and left. I think if you agree to 2 minutes they assume you can walk at lease 20 meters but he didn't ask me about walking speed.

    I am going to explain all of this in a statement with my reconsideration but I don't see what other evidence I can include. All of this was on the original form I filled in and a detailed statement I sent with it. From the questions he asked me I don't think he had even read the form! I naively thought he didn't go into much detail about mobility because they have all the info from last time.

    Any ideas for evidence?? Can I use my first assessment report as evidence if I end up appealing? It was an independent opinion and it was only a few months prior to the second assessment.

    The whole system is an impossible nightmare!!! The thought of going to appeal is horrible.

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    I don't care what Iain Duncan Smiths says, the majority of assessors are there to get you off any benefit they can. You will find some are very emphatic and some are not. I think that the current Gov, wont stop here either, they will continue to blame the debt on welfare and he will come up with more ways to retrieve benefits from the jobless, disabled and working families. Look at the current tax benefit for one, they are now also hurting working families that need tax credit.

    However they just blame everyone else for the current wages and not on mass immigration. The time this Gov is through there will be a lot more people going through the wringer.

    Ok rant over, You don't actually say what your condition is so i can't comment on that however, it seems you have all the evidence that you are able to get, there is no harm in using any evidence that you feel may of help to your appeal. But also remember it's not all about evidence concerning your condition, it's how it affects you on a daily basis.

    Also always be sure that any deterioration in health that you notify them will within reason not be detrimental to your claim. As any notifications like this will result in them looking at your whole claim again.
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