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Thread: C4 C5 TV - Seemingly have a Campaign Against Benefits

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    C4 C5 TV - Seemingly have a Campaign Against Benefits

    It seems every week, or even every other day, Channel 4 and 5 seem to have some new "312 Celebrity Kids on Benefit at the Seaside" type programme. Tonight there was one on 5 about people falsely claiming different incapacity benefits. All jolly good, we do not want people cheating the system than has caused those with genuine needs so many problems. However I am starting to think there is some sort of campaign to discredit the genuine unemployed and disabled. I have heard many comments from people I know about scroungers and cheats. It is like everyone claiming benefits are doing so under false pretences.

    At least the horribly titled "Saints & Scroungers" tried to show both sides, the lazy journalism on C4 and C5 seems to pander to the fears of the masses. We are becoming on par with illegal immigrants as the ones to blame for all the world's ills

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    There does seem to have been a lot of benefits themed documentaries over the last few months. I'm assuming that viewing figures are the reason they keep producing more shows. People seem to be curious about people on benefits and want to watch more.

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    I too have noticed this and dont watch as a matter of, if i do I'll get mad and throw somat at TV! no they ain't curious, they want their ill formed suspicions confirmed. And I am sick of having to struggle to get the least amount of help to live a so called normal life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaspberryRipple View Post
    Hi Sweeny,
    A really interesting topic!
    Out of interest what was the programme called that was on last night?
    It was called Sick Note Skivers Exposed and was on C5 at 8pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by carl30 View Post
    There does seem to have been a lot of benefits themed documentaries over the last few months. I'm assuming that viewing figures are the reason they keep producing more shows. People seem to be curious about people on benefits and want to watch more.
    I understand that, and as the Jam once sang "The Public Gets What the Public Wants". My issue is that these programmes are rarely balanced and seem to inflame the scroungers are robbing us label we all get linked to.

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    All media has a campaign to bring people to hate benefits and call for reforms.

    All media has to ignore what is really going on - which is why there is almost a media black out on the deaths associated with benefit cuts and sanctions.

    It's all part of the bigger plan to dismantle the welfare state.

    The people called for reform. They got it.

    Last weekend the government announced plans for people to fund their own unemployment and sickness benefits.
    They will only be able to sell this idea if there is a need.
    There's only a need once the benefits are taken away.

    Cui bono? (who benefits?)
    People who sell savings funds and insurance policies. The City of London bankers.

    Who funds the politicians and gets them into power? The same bankers.
    Who is the government in hock to? The bankers
    Who is the country (we the people) in debt to. The bankers.

    Why is there a campaign against benefits?
    Follow the money !

    Expect a similar campaign on the un-sustainability of the NHS, people wasting resources, scrounging, people coming in from abroad for the service for free etc.

    Why doesn't the NHS improve despite all the money being poured into it?
    So people will call for reform.

    The government is already talking about putting prices on prescriptions to stop waste.
    A health minister announced in the Lords last week about an inquiry into sustainability and funding.
    Who will benefit from private healthcare policies? The bankers.
    First they need to create the need for people to pay for them.

    The media will keep quiet about this and just promote anger at wasters and scroungers so the people keep calling for the reforms.
    Then they will take away care and resources, so they create the need.

    Cue the government coming up with plans for people to fund healthcare themselves.

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    If you look at who owns Channel 4, which is answerable to the Secretary of State, then you can see why there are so many of these programmes going out. They seem to have started around the time of the first wave of benefit cuts and now there are going to be even worse cuts the programmes seem to be coming more and more regularly.... not so much as giving the public what it wants as brainwashing the public, or trying to.

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    The Bullingdon Boys are about to give Aunty Beeb a tough time because they haven't toed this line of demonising the poor, pandering to Middle England and softening the conscience of the Shy Tory's. Essential when rolling out these austerity policies
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    Just seen a new one advertised on C4-

    "Dogs on the Dole"

    Scrounging canines, they should all get jobs as assistance dogs.
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    lets see some proper programes on this subject and see people struggling to survive on the pittance they are handed .then lets see one on the rich landlords who are making a killing of the taxpayer and see how many of our mp friends are among them.

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